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Our Policy

We place customer experience and satisfaction as the top priority within our company and as such we guarantee that at all times we will adhere to these policy's in place below;

All staff will be CRB checked and safe to carry out work on your premises

  • All staff have worked with the company for a minimum of 1year before they carry out work on their own.
  • All work carried out will be subject to a quality control until it is signed off.
  • All operatives will carry out work in a controlled and safe manner within your premises.
  • Client details and privileged information will not be shared with any third party.
  • Work will be carried out to the highest standard possible under given circumstances and desired budget.
  • You will not be overcharged for workmanship given that Revive A Build follow a specific and structured pricing scheme.
  • Operatives will be professional at all times whilst on the property and remain ambassadors to the company.
  • Operatives will always offer their expert opinion and advise you where necessary, giving you the full facts and realistic options before any final decisions are made regarding planning and building.
  • All operatives have the neccessary training and certification to carry out works orders.
  • All operatives are covered by public liability insurance that is regulated by the FSA.
  • Once work has been completed we offer a full after care service should you need any advice about the next steps and stages.



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