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Reducing Our Emissions

In a world that is ever advancing it is sometimes easy to forget that we must take responsibility for our actions towards mother nature. Revive a Build are constantly reducing its carbon footprint by lowering our emissions and trying to save energy if and where possible. Below are a number of ways that we try to do so and perhaps you could try some of these too.

  1. We only use transportation when its necessary and try to get all tools and materials to site in bulk so that we can travel via public transport links.
  2. We send only digital estimates and invoices for the work that we carry out and are committed to going more and more paper free in our admin.
  3. We are often carrying out work that involves insulation and heat retaining measures.
  4. We install solar power systems and lighting in our landscaping projects.
  5. We install double and treble glazing and provide services to seal around all external windows and doors.
  6. We only use certifiable wood products which has been sourced from eco managed forests.
  7. All appliances installed are energy efficient and we try to actively source the highest rated products.
  8. PAT is regularly carried out on our power tools to make sure they are operating to their most efficient and economical purposes.
  9. Green landscaping accounts for over 25% of our total work and so we are contributing more trees.
  10. Where possible we limit the amount of plant and machinery needed for tasks but using  and creating more eco friendly ways of carrying out the tasks

If you would like to know more about how else we try to save energy and how you could also then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Climate change and global warming is happening and we as a nation need to look at more way to preserve this beautiful earth. We understand that emissions are unavoidable but please do try to consider the environment in all your activities.