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SAM- Semi Automatic Masons or Robot Bricklayers if you prefer

SAM- Semi Automatic Masons or Robot Bricklayers if you prefer

Sam… the name that sends chills down the spine of every human bricklayer. This being the first time I have had to differentiate between species of bricklayer, like there was ever an alternative in the past. Well now there is….

Meet Sam the robotic bricklayer that can lay bricks up to 4 times faster that it’s human counterpart, work out complex laying patterns and algorithms and perform a multitude of calculations straight from its control panel…The control panel that is controlled by Humans.

Thats right, the clue is in the title that these machines are only Semi Automatic Masons and they will still need humans to load the bricks and mortar up through the machine. Humans also perform the quantity control on the work that “Sam” produces and also join and point up between brickwork. I think it’s going to be some years until we see a robot doing weather struck pointing to perfection.

Not to mention that these machines are a cool half a million US dollars to buy which is £330,000 and would be purchasers may prove to be a little hesitant given how many jobs it may take until they see a return on investment. So we humans here at Revive A Build aren’t scared just yet. Although in 20 years time we may look back and say that the machine uprising was…Inevitable?