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“The one stop property care company serving London, Herts and Bucks.”

About us

Revive A Build has been wholly created from a client perspective. As professionals in our trade Revive A Build maintains that customer satisfaction is always paramount. As ambassadors of the construction industry we strive to achieve a level of professionalism that surpasses most other companies.
We take our duties to our profession seriously and are wholeheartedly committed to fulfilling clients who render our services. It’s rare to find a company in the building sector that is polite, presentable and professional all at once. Revive A Build’s aim is to coordinate the logistics and management of smooth operations right up until the completion of the job. Leaving you entirely happy with our labour and satisfied with our effort.

Once our services have been undertaken, we hope you will soon realise the difference in our approach to all jobs. We always offer a tailored solution to your building and maintenance needs. We complete all jobs however complex or routine with the same high level standards that are based on our own expectations, and that are born of traditional values identifying all clients as individual and important.

Our workforce will always respect the image of you and your company, and as such adhere to a strict code of conduct and appearance that includes themselves as workers and the work they complete. We believe that being good is not enough. We want to exceed estimations and impress you with our service. A service that we are very proud of.

You can expect a first class after-care service from us that continues long after the work is carried out and completed. So we will always be here to answer any queries and offer another service that you feel compliments the one that we have already carried out for you. Our company offers a service that, at every stage, makes dealing and communicating with us easy and stress free. We provide a service that gives you peace of mind through all your relations with Revive A Build.

“Laying the foundations that build strong houses and client relations.”